A. Jewish history

In search of his ancesters,
Drs. John de Bye,
medical surgeon in 's Lands Hospitaal,
started in 1987 to dedicate much of his spare time
investigating the history of the Jews in Suriname.

Surinam Jewish Computer Genealogy

Jewish names from 1660 - 1997

De Joodse begraafplaats te Cassipora

Lo Tisjkach (You shall not forget)

B. General history of Suriname

In 1994 he also wrote a booklet about the history of
's Lands Hospitaal,
the oldest hospital in Suriname


De geschiedenis van
's Lands Hospitaal

Op zoek naar Torarica

De Radiodienst in Suriname

Only this moment separates
history and future
and it passed
just a moment ago

We shall never cease to explore,
but on the end of exploration,
we shall be where we started
but we shall know the place.

John H de Bye
POB 1982
South America