This fact and the recapture of Dutch Brazil by the Portuguese forced many Jews to leave Brazil for other Dutch colonies in North America and the Guyanas. In 1644, Prince Maurits van Nassau, Governor of Recife after the conquest of Brazil by the Dutch, was recalled from Recife by the "Staten der Verenigde Provinciën". This so much endangered the position of the Dutch in Brazil that many Jews felt obliged to leave with the Prince for Holland, taking with them all their wealth. About 1620, probably in Recife, a young man was born called Joseph Nunes (de) Fonseca. Later, when he left (Portu-guese) Brazil with a group of Jews, he received the nickname of David (Cohen) Nassy (David the Leader). His other nickname was Christovao de Tabora (or Tavora). On February 1652 he obtained a "Charter" from the "West-Indische Compagnie" to found a Jewish colony on Curaçao and in 1659 to found a colony in Cayenne. However, in 1654 he was not on Curaçao with the Jews (it was Joao d'Illan who was the leader) and in 1656 he lived in Amsterdam. In 1660, 152 Jews from Livorno went to Cayenne to settle down. In 1664 Cayenne was no longer a Dutch colony, but was taken by the French. On August 20th 1664, David Nassy left Cayenne with "his" Jews for Suriname and settled in Cassipora. Another group of Jews that went to Cayenne, left for Essequibo or Nova Zeelandia. In 1666 this Dutch colony was demolished by the English. In 1652 Lord Willoughby had already brought a group of English settlers to Suriname, some of them probably (Ashkenasic) Jews. The first Jews in Suriname lived among the other Dutch and English settlers in Thorarica, then the capital of Suriname. It is said that remnants of a cemetery and a synagogue were to be found on that spot in the beginning of the 18tll century. When their number increased they moved to Cassipora, some miles upstream. Here they established a cemetery on a hill close to the banks of the Surinameriver. After some years they settled at Jodensavanna, a mile from Cassipora, also along the Surinameriver.


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